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10 Best Hemp Oils for Sleep

The sleep disorder can cause severe discomfort and deprive one of relaxation. Those suffering from sleep disorder always search for the best solution without side effects on their bodies. That has resulted in the growing interest of people in making use of whole-plant healing techniques. The hemp oil for sleep is beginning to reign supreme among those searching for the potent medicine for their insomnia and other sleep-related health issues. If you are always rolling on your bed during the night without being able to sleep, hemp oil is the whole-plant healing method that will work for you.

There are many prescription and over-the-counter drugs for sleep issues. Some people have continued to use such drugs to aid their night sleep, only to discover that the drugs come with a terrible side effect. To avoid such happening to you, or your family, we are presenting you with the top ten hemp oil for sleep that will meet your needs.

The Bluegrass Hemp Oil

Being a family-owned business, Bluegrass Hemp Oil is produced with explicitly cultivated hemp. The company grows its hem in Kentucky. For assured quality hemp oil, they are using a CO2 extraction technique. Each of the A 1 ml serving contains 10 mg of CBD.

It may also interest you to note that the Bluegrass Hemp Oil does not come into the market without being tested by a third-party in the industry. That made it one of the best hemp oil for sleep in the market.

Wild Folk Farm CBD Hemp MCT Tincture

Conveniently located in Benton Maine, Wild Fork Farm is a flourishing natural farm recognized for excellence hemp products. The organic farm has sustainably grown hemp and rice, and the CBD oil pressed out from the seed without impurities.

The company does not approve CBD oil for distribution until tested by the third-party and confirmed to have a world-class quality standard. They also use the ethanol extraction method for their alcohol tinctures.

The Luce Farm Vermont (Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract 30ml)

Luce Farm is a hemp CBD company located in Vermont. The farm is known for its high-quality hemp products. CBD oil made from hemp seed grown, extracted, and also processed in Stockbridge.

To enhance the quality and potency of their products, the company is using the CO2 extraction technique. They are also ensuring their products are allowed to the market after a third-party test. There is 25 mg of CBD in every ½ dropper of the oil.

The Bluebird Botanicals (HEMP CLASSIC 6X)

Bluebird Botanicals is a Colorado-based Hemp company known to produce the highest quality CBD with organic hemp. Their attention to detail in CBD oil made them a winner of the 2016 Cannabist Awards. Bluebird Botanicals’ hemp oil for sleep is extracted using CO2 and ethanol methods. The Hemp Classic 6X has 25 mg of CBD per 15 drops of the oil.

Paying for the CBD oil made by this company is easy, as they accept more than 70 cryptocurrencies as their payment methods. So, you pay for the Hemp Classic 6X to help with your insomnia and other sleep disorder without compromising your credit card information.

Populum (Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Advanced 1000)

Populum has been into CBD oil production and known for its quality hemp. They are in partnership with Colorado farmers to ensure the satisfaction of customers coming for their hemp oil for sleep products.

Their products are tested in-house and by third-party before distribution in the market. Populum uses the ethanol extraction technique in the production of its CBD oil. Each full-spectrum hemp oil advanced 1000 produced by the company contains 33 mg of CBD.

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops (1500MG CBD 15%)

If you want hemp oil for sleep with efficiency and clean production, you should search for Endoca hemp oil Drop. Their CBD oil is produced with certified natural hemp breeds in their seed banks and extracted with the CO2 method. The product is third-party tested for potency and purity before approved for distribution in the market. Getting the right dose is easy as formulation comes with 5 mg of CBD.

Highland Pharms (CBD MAX Hemp Oil Drops -1250 mg)

For high-quality hemp oil for sleep at a reasonable price, Highland Pharms is the right company. Their CBD oil is extracted using a supercritical CO2 method with Colorado-grown hemp seed. There is 25 mg of CBD in every ten drops of the hemp oil. The oil comes in natural and mint flavor options, and adjusting the dosage is easy.

The Green Roads World (CBD Oil-550 MG)

If you want to avoid rolling on your bed throughout the night, the green roads word CBD oil is the right choice. The company is a renowned provider of best quality hemp oil with 550 mg of their oil offering 37 mg for each dose, which made it highly potent for anti-anxiety and relaxation effect. So, you can be sure of enjoying undisturbed night sleep again after taking this hemp oils for sleep made by the Green Roads World.

Medterra (1000 mg CBD Tincture)

The Medterra is a world-renowned hemp oil manufacturing firm. Their products are made using natural plant CO2 extraction techniques and pass through third-party testing before approved for distribution. Each 1000 mg of CBD tincture has 33 mg of CBD for every serving. More so, it is necessary to know that this product is both GMO and pesticides-free.

Nuleaf Naturals (725 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High-Grade Hemp Extract)

Nuleaf Naturals is a hemp oil company manufacturing its products with a CO2 method of extraction. They are producing their hemp oil for sleep with organic hemp extract grown in Colorado. After the production of their hemp oil, they usually subject them to third-party testing before allowed to get to the market. Nuleaf Naturals’ products are tested by third-party for herbicides, mold, fungi, pesticides, and heavy metals.


All the hemp oils for sleep brands mentioned here have the following in common:

  • CO2 oil extraction
  • Ethanol extraction method
  • 100% organic hemps
  • No Additive
  • Third Party lab-tested.

With these features, you can discover that the hemp oil brands mentioned here are handpicked to meet the needs of everyone. So, if you have a problem sleeping at night, the solution is with any of the products mentioned here. One other exciting aspect is that the products are available at a reasonable price point.

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